Transformer is the beginning of power supply to the electrical system. Therefore, it can be considered that the transformer is the heart of the power distribution system. At all stages of the voltage change, the transformer must be used as a pressure regulator to suit any circumstances. Choosing the right transformer to match the needs and necessities and manufacturers or installers assuring the quality of transformer and service, is very important.

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In the power supply system, voltage will be converted to higher voltage. For example, 48kV or 24kV to reduce the size of the conductor for supplying electricity over long distances. At the destination before distributing electricity to household, voltage will be converted to 220 V to reduce the danger which may harm the user. For the use of low voltage electrical appliances at 6V or 9V, it will need to convert the home voltage from 220 V to the required voltage. The equipment that performs such functions is called a transformer.

The operation of the transformer is based on the principle of the relationship between electric current and magnetic lines to create the induction force on the conductor. When the current flows through the conductor coil, it will cause magnetic force lines around the conductor. If the input current has size and direction that is changing, it will change the magnetic field as well. If the changed magnetic field passes through the conductor, the induction force will occur on the conductor. The size of the induction force is related to magnetic field strength and the speed of passing through the conductor of the magnetic field.

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