Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector is designed to detect water leakage in unseen area of Data Center. For example, condensation tray of Air Conditioning Unit, under raised floor, because these area are very critical and water would cause serious damage to electronics device or computer so when leakage occurs, operator must respond right away.

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Water Sense consists of 2 models :

Water Leak 3


1. LD

This version cannot identify distance but can notify leakage by sound and LED light. It is suitable for short-range detection or simple detection.




Water Leak 4


Can identify distance. Apart from sound notification, it can locate distance from water leakage by calculating from length of sensing cable and leader cable. Distance can be checked by comparing with designed plan using Software Monitoring.





      Water Leak 6          


LDI-IM Water Sense

Is designed to answer the need for water leak detection. It works by Sensing Cable which passes through risk-prone area of water leak such as area under air-conditioning system or surrounding area. When water leaks, the cable will send the data to controller for processing. The data can be used to locate water leakage by showing distance of sensing cable in meters with sound notification.

Water Sense is developed for convenient use in large area by using Software Monitoring. This program shows the photo of location where the equipment is installed including Sensing Cable layout. When there is unusual occurrence, program will notify at that area without searching from cable length. Also, program can keep records and history of incidents in that area can be printed out.


Water Leak 9


TTK or Liquid Leak Detection

               It is designed to minimize the risk in liquid such as water, acid, oil, hydrocarbon liquid and solvent leaks to answer the need to reduce the risk in shaft system, large machine installation area or areas requiring the detection of the above-mentioned liquid.

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