Oil Leak Detector

Oil Leak Detector

Oil Leak Detector is a system that detects oil leak. The system is designed to reduce the risk of oil spills in risk-prone areas such as large machinery area, generator room, area around oil pipelines or area under oil tank etc. by alerting the user to be able to take corrective action in a timely manner.


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TTK is an oil leak detection system with FG-OD Sensing Cable. It can indicate the location when the oil spills when the alarm is activated. The FG-OD cable can respond quickly. It also has the ATEX certification.



TTK has Software Monitoring, which can display result as a map of rooms and locations of oil spills. It can also inform the status of the machine to the BMS or EMS system by using the Protocol Modbus connection and is also certified by international standards such as CE, UL and TUV.


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