Road Blocker

Road Blocker

Road Blocker or Wedge Vehicle Barrier is a strong steel plate which can withstand an impact. It is used to install at entrance to important building of public or private organizations posed risk of attack by vehicle. It can lower risk of being attack by vehicle and is normally installed at the entrance or exit of important organizations.

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Road Blocker must follow the security specification. Road Blocker has only automatic function. There are shallow mount, deep mount or movable Road Blocker. Standards for speed and weight of trucks hitting are different depending on the risk.

Road Blocker should be certified with Road Blocker test standard that widely accepted around the world namely PAS 68 or ASTM standards. The test is done by having a bollard hit by 7,500 kg truck at speed of 48, 64 and 80 km/h. When choosing the Road Blocker model, type of car, weight and speed that may hit the building must be considered. When the road blocker is hit, it must be function as nothing happens.

Rod Blocker’s strength can protect the building by blocking the entrance and exit of truck. However, it may seem too bulky because it is a large metal plate, so some organizations choose bollard instead.

High Security Road Blocker that have Crash Rated is the best choice for important buildings such as data centers, banks, embassies, palaces, or ancient sites that are important in order to protect from the invasion by car.


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