Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PID), often referred to as intrusion prevention systems, is a system for detecting intrusion from outside parties.

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Perimeter intrusion detection systems will be installed around the area that needs to detect the intrusion suitable for private sector, government or state-owned enterprises that are large and closed area for only employees and authorized person. Working mechanism of the intrusion detection system is divided into three main categories. It is suitable for large and difficult-to-monitor areas such as factories, universities, warehouses and power or chemical plants.

  1. Fence Mounted – is a cable sensor technology installed at the fence around the area. It includes sensors, signal Processor and management software and will detect invasion in case the intruder tries to cut the fence, climb the fence or pry the fence. The detection can be done by the sound occured from the fence compared with sound in normal condition or using seismic sensors. There are four types of fences that can be used in combination with PID namely Chain Link, Welded Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, And Metal Palisade
  2. Underground – Coaxial cable technology is used to create an electromagnetic detection field to detect intruders or objects that cross the installed line. The intruders are unaware that they are detected by underground line. When the intrusion is detected, the system will alert the officer in the building to prepare for the action.
  3. Microwave or Microwave Detectors – It is a microwave technology that detect intrusion. It consists of a microwave transmitter and receiver installed near the area where the intrusion is detected. If someone or object crosses the microwave, the system will alert and indicate the location of the intrusion.

The type of PID technology must be selected to match the function. For the design of perimeter security system, the use of PIDs is an important part of recognizing and realizing the intrusion. It is like the assistant of the security team of the organizations.

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