Physical Security Information Management

Physical Security Information Management

Physical Security Information Management is a software system that connects to all security devices and displays on the same screen. You can browse all connected devices.

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For example, CCTV, Access Control System, Bollard system, door, sensor, analysis system, communication system, building surveillance system and so on. The users can monitor all events in the area and if something goes wrong or there is emergency situation, Physical Security Information Management will be able to alert and respond to events.

Physical Security Information Management has six key features.

  1. Keep all data and factors from security devices.
  2. Analyze data in the system using data and values, including historical alarms.
  3. Determine the type of emergency incident. The types will be catagorised when the system is installed.
  4. Event response with thorough support for all events.
  5. Summarize and prepare the report for analysis.
  6. Examine the information that has already occurred and review the response time of each event.
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