Battery Monitoring System : BMS

Battery Monitoring System : BMS

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Battery Monitoring System : BMS

Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Continuous power supply is the key to power system operation within the data center. Important equipment is a device that cannot be shut down. The battery is the last thing that supports continuous power supply.

If there is no control or checkup of the battery, this will make it difficult to know the condition and performance of the battery and can cause an error, which may result in the computer becoming inoperable. We have realized the importance of battery and has developed a Battery Monitoring System to measure and check the status of the battery online for 24 hours. When one of batteries error or fail such as low current, undervoltage or high temperature, data will be sent to the device. The program will display the data so that the user can quickly proceed to replace the battery to avoid damaging other batteries. Therefore, battery is not less important than UPS and must be monitored at all times.



Sample Programs for BATTMON Battery Monitoring Software


Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring Powershield

Sample Programs for Powershield Battery Monitoring Software

Battery Monitoring Powershield software


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