• Surge Protection
    Surge Protection is necessary for the Data Center. It serves to protect when there are overvoltage or overcurrent or surge which is caused by disconnecting electrical circuits or high currents caused by lightning. Lightning protection device reduces or eliminates excess current or voltage.
  • Busway System in the data center
    Busduct are currently available for installation and use in high-rise buildings including used for transmission of electricity within the Data Center as well. Product that SITEM provides Busduct system installation service and distribute is PDI PowerWave Bus System manufactured in the USA. The PDI PowerWave…
  • Battery Monitoring System
    Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Continuous power supply is the key to power system operation within the data center. Important equipment is a device that cannot be shut down. The battery is the last thing that supports continuous power supply.
  • Battery UPS
    For Data Center, electricity is considered as the main factor that serves the power to the server equipment in the data center. The UPS battery is responsible for storing electricity for UPS, while the power supply is in normal operation. When there is the power…
  • Transformer
    Transformer is the beginning of power supply to the electrical system. Therefore, it can be considered that the transformer is the heart of the power distribution system. At all stages of the voltage change, the transformer must be used as a pressure regulator to suit any…
  • Active Power Flywheel UPS
    ACTIVEPOWER Flywheel UPS or Dynamic UPS is one of the Green Tech-nology UPS that has been developed in terms of functionality, system performance, and size and shape of the device. 
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